1. Expression, purification and renaturation of HER-2/neu RLD protein


2. RLD Series Strip-through Continuous-rolled Bag Making Machine


3. God said: "When I made the wom an she had to be special.I&nb sp;made her shoulders strong enough ;to carry the weight of the wo rld;yet, gentle enough to give&nbs p;


4. However, as the accounting situation varies a lot around the wo rld , there are great differences in the Consolidated Financial Statement and it s practices and it is the same case with the extent of consolidation.


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6. The company worships “humanist, good faith w Network rld” the faith, argues vigorously achieves resourcesing are well used which customer each cent money uses.


7. Innovation leading the wo rld


8. The paper looks back the achivements of modern TCM,during the period of reform and open to the wo rld.


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10. We're seeing new drugs fo r deadly diseases, new diagnostic tools, and new attention paid to the health problems in the developing wo rld.


11. rld; that it alone can overcome hate; that right can and will triumph over might.


12. The root nodules maximums occur in April except for A. ordosice quadrat, and RLD of coarse roots are far little than those of fine roots.


13. RLD Optoelectronic Sensor for Seeding Monitoring


14. A seeding monitoring optoelectronic sensor for precision planter was designed using red laser diode (RLD) and silicon photocell.

提出了排种检测光电传感器的覆盖率问题 ,并利用红光半导体激光二极管 (RL D)和硅光电池构造了一种高覆盖率的排种传感器。

15. Right-left disorientation (RLD) is not infrequently observed in neurologic patients, but its significance and lateralizing value are still uncertain.


16. Gianfranco Fagnani. The submersible pump2reliability inlatest design [J ]. Wo rld Pump s,


17. A test battery composed of four components for right-left discrimination was used to detect RLD among 46 dextral Taiwanese patients with a unilateral cerebral lesion and 52 normal subjects.


18. Based on the measured data from the winter wheat fields in Zhengzhou of Henan Province,the vertical distribution of root length density(RLD)and root mass density(RMD)were analyzed.


19. root length density (RLD)


20. There is no question that the faculty, the alumni, the students, and the benefacto rs of Harvard have used their power to improve the lives of people here and around the wo rld.


21. Keywords airway resistance pulmonary function RLD IOS;


22. Han nationality is the largest nationality in China and even in the wo rld, but its study had been neglected by the academic fields home and abroad for a long time.

汉民族是我国乃至世界上最大的民族 ,而关于汉民族的研究 ,长期以来却被国内学术界所忽视 ,汉民族史常被淹没在通史和断代史研究之中。

23. The removal of mercury reduces the senso ry disto rtion and overload, making the wo rld a safer, mo re readily understood, and mo re tolerable place again.


24. The Aim:To explore the rationality of RLD single pricing and put forward the suggestions for RLD pricing.


25. Thereafter,soil water and solute transport with root-water-uptake in a soil-wheat system was simulated numerically,in which the estimated RLD distributions were incorporated.


26. Since xChina's refo rm and opening up to outside wo rld, our hometown has become the hot destination of both domestic and overseas investment.


27. Although I didn't come to this wo rld for you I am attracted to the world because of you!


28. The results showed that the estimated RLD(distributions) of winter wheat using the neural network model combined with the improved genetic al...


29. The Wo rld Wide Web is being developed into semantic Web. Once it has been completed,t he internet will be more intelligent and more effective.


30. All of these made up the most beautiful picture in the wo rld.


31. Since the beginuing of the 20 century the trend of agin g has quickened it steps in the wo rld.

进入 2 0世纪以后 ,老龄化趋势在世界范围内加快了步伐。

32. Th e scale of Zheng He?s navigation far exceeds that of Columbia?s "Great Disco v ery" which followed, but the former had less effect on the progress of the wo rld history.

郑和下西洋的规模远远大于后来的哥伦布之辈的“地理大发现” ,但对于世界历史进程的影响则远逊于后者。

33. relocation dictionary (RLD)

重新配位表 浮动字典 浮动地址表

34. The paper describes the changes of wo rld petrochemical industry brought by industrial restructure,to-gether with enlightenment from these changes.


35. W o rld J Surg, 1996, 20: 4112417.


36. Myth #4: Autistic children are in their own wo rld and are not interested in other people.