1. BG's High Performance Motorsport centers are strategically located in key markets in China to help with ongoing promotions, sales and distribution.


2. NAVSOC is responsible for operating, managing and maintaining a variety of strategically important satellite systems on behalf of the Navy.


3. RCG strategically set up offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Macau, London, Malaysia, the Middle East and South Africa, and a new office in Thailand.


4. WOLTER ASIA is strategically positioned in Hong Kong to achieve its expansion programs/goals and in order to provide high quality services.

WOLTER ASIA有限公司立足香港,以实现其项目和计划的扩展,同时提供高品质服务。

5. "The JF-17 is strategically very important for our air force and it also has far-reaching implications both for the national defense and economic prosperity," he said.


6. A conspicuous manifestation of feng shui is through the proliferation of miniature fountains strategically placed in the homes, offices, shops, restaurants and at other public places.


7. All Van, all the time.Sound bites can certainly make for nice subterfuge.Remaining strategically unnoticed has been the untidy issue of referee credibility.


8. The Eton Hotel Shanghai is strategically located in the heart of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in Pudong.


9. Returning to the milestones over time is a sign that your organization is continuing to think strategically.


10. Dual fire resistant vents with built-in flash arresters strategically placed at both side of cabinets.


11. The analyses also present several implications.A small retailer can sometimes benefit from strategically limiting its access to switchers to soften price competition.


12. Strategically, China pursues a principle featuring defensive operations, self-defense and gaining mastery by striking only after the enemy has struck.


13. China implements a military strategy of active defense. Strategically, China pursues a principle featuring defense operations, self-defense and attack only after being attacked.


14. China implements a military strategy of active defense. Strategically,China pursues a principle featuring defensive operations,self-defense and attack only after being attacked.


15. The development of the trend toward multipolarity in this region is being quickened, and the relations among the big nations are being readjusted strategically and gradually becoming stable.


16. In this chapter, the writer dissertates emphatically the how the manufacturing enterprise put its products into large-scale retail terminal strategically in practice.


17. Strategically the Empire is in a potentially strong position: the Balkans are a natural bastion to defend Istanbul and a possible springboard for conquest into central Europe.


18. Strategically, a buildup is overkill.


19. Strategically, the armed forces of the developed countries are studying the digital battlefield.


20. Strategically, we must utterly despise U.S. imperialism.


21. Strategically deployable joint forces must be able to conduct operational and tactical maneuver.


22. Gigabit Ethernet and ATM can be deployed strategically in different portions of the network for optimal results.


23. In dollar value, political and economic power, some few hundred "giant corporations" occupy a strategically dominant position.


24. Strategically deployed in a network over the Atlantic, these tankers were known to the crews as “see kuh” or “milk cows”.


25. His wife excels him in strategically ability.


26. The research in BEC is strategically aimed at realizing the optimal of the science research resources and facilities, developing the new interdisciplinary subject.


27. But her approach shows how far a strategically minded star can still wrest power from the ravening media.


28. Why not plan your care noter strategically, only like you planned your education?


29. As a particularly innovative, strategically oriented car maker, BMW was very quick to assume responsibility for the promotion and introduction of sustained mobility concepts.


30. You will enhance your ability to think strategically, plan for an organization's future, analyze and recommend strategies, and develop a personal and professiona...


31. Russia 's dispute with Ukraine, resolved yesterday after great international pressure, illustrates just how strategically important gas has become.


32. Supporting an Army at war is critical both tactically and strategically.


33. Like all strategically placed islands, it has been vulnerable as a crossroad and invaluable as a military base.


34. Job Responsibilities:1.Purchase raw materials, packaging and technicals articles for the site in accordance with strateg...... ...


35. In fact, secret news report conforms to moral flexibility ethically, and is a compelled attempt to defend the interests of the majority of society strategically.


36. Second, we are confronted with only 23 enemy brigades, whose troops are dispersed and whose morale is low; at the same time, the enemy is in a more passive position strategically after failing in its recent pursuit operation.


37. The interior has been programmed strategically with works to enable the inhabitant to physically immerse themselves in this realm.


38. Military strategic passes are all strategically located and hard to reach.


39. Policy-makers must consider military operations on urban terrain strategically.


40. Strategically scatter 7 manufactories in China and 1 in Malaysia, Huan Hsin now has over 18,000 employees.


41. Strategically, teachers must pay attention to arousing and protecting students' enthusiasm to participate in teaching activity.


42. The meeting of the NPC in Beijing coincides with several sensitive anniversaries marking Chinese rule in the strategically important high plateau region.


43. WOLTER ASIA is strategically positioned in Hong Kong to achieve its expansion programs/goals and to provide the best and highest quality services.


44. India is nervous of China's military rise and what some in New Delhi regard as Beijing's ambitions to encircle India with a string of strategically placed ports.


45. It is strategically important to develop the AVI systems with self-owned intellectual property rights to meet the needs of domestic market.


46. Strategically located light boxes are available for lease, giving you an ideal opportunity to promote your products to the large population in Tuen Mun.


47. However, the Roman governor Suetonius strategically saw to the burning of the stores.


48. Now fully aroused, the people in Taipeh soon took control of the whole city except for a few strategically located government buildings.


49. At the same time we can change our own strategically weak position into a strong position in campaigns and battles.


50. Thus, according to ICMA, libraries are not being used to strategically address community needs.


51. In an incompleted debt contract, the threat of bankruptcy does not efficiently prevent SMEs from defaulting strategically due to SMEs' preference of hiding information.


52. Strategically and massively spread the gospel in the Tainan area, set up small groups everywhere, transform the city and bring the gospel to wherever it is needed.


53. We are strategically thinking of starting out with normal consumer fan and halogen heater appliances.


54. Strategically, the persistence for cultural retention looks very much false sentimentality, such as the reconstructed Qian Men.

在战略上对文化 记忆的存留看起来是这么的矫情,比如前门的改造。

55. Strategically we should despise all our enemies.


56. Strategically we should despise all our enemies, but tactically we should take them all seriously.

在战略上我们要藐视一切敌人, 在战术上我们要重视一切敌人。

57. Strategically speaking, there is a defeat only when a counter-campaign against "encirclement and suppression" fails completely, but even then the defeat is only partial and temporary.


58. Strategically, the Eighth Route Army is centring them on Shansi.


59. Strategic education can both provide the chanced for them to refine their strategically thinking and promote exchange and consensus between leaders.


60. Russia's far east has always been the most strategically vulnerable part of Moscow's fissiparous imperium, in what is the world's biggest country.


61. In this respect,Hong Kong is strategically located for French business who wish to take part in the economic activities in China and the rest of Asia.


62. The terrain is strategically situated and difficult of access.


63. The region is strategically located at a crossroads between Africa and Asia, and therefore enjoys easy access to raw materials and various potential markets.


64. The parking areas in the town are few, but strategically placed.


65. An army operating on strategically interior lines suffers from many disadvantages,and this is especially so in the case of the Red Army,confronted as it is with "encirclement and suppression".


66. The scents of summer can surround us if we grow plants like these, strategically placed in our garden.


67. Since centuries Riga has been the central and strategically most significant part of the East coast Baltic Sea countries.


68. Strategically, the Dabie Mountains make an excellent base from which to advance.


69. As you all know,the Central Plains is very important strategically,leading right up to the enemy's gateway,with the Dabie Mountains close by.


70. This will be accomplished by strategically opening and closing specific blinds on the south side of the building.


71. Ms Ostrom's research has spawned many experiments about how people interact strategically.


72. How to fit medical market needs,strategically deal with nursing complaint and to establish harmonious nurse-patient relationship is a subject facing nursing management.


73. Participants learn how to strategically utilize human resource levers - such as culture, compensation, and performance management - to build competitive advantag...


74. Home of ten million people, it sprawls strategically at the mouth of the Yangtze River, funnel to China's heartland.


75. Fights regarding this Mid-Autumn Festival, as soon as in strategically despises in Guang Yao who in the match, the tactic takes the match to display quite discretely.


76. We can put the enemy who is in a strong position strategically into a weak position in campaigns and battles.


77. A small retailer can sometimes benefit from strategically limiting its access to switchers to soften price competition.


78. Even within Jardine management, there has been much criticism over the decision to delist from Hong Kong as being strategically devastating.


79. Strategically,we have gained the initiative and we shall achieve superiority if we continue to wipe out enemy troops,and the day is not far off for the liberation of the entire Central Plains area.


80. So far as English learning is concerned, strategically and tactically you must try to avoid the competition with your counterparts in the fundamental skills of English language.